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Our Services Bring You Customers…ON DEMAND.
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No BS.

Unmatched Ad Creative & Copy

Professionally written and proven-to-work Facebook Ad body copy, videos, posts, and more.

Unhackable WordPress Maintenance

24/7 WordPress website maintenance with Bullet-proof security.

Unskippable Youtube Video Ads

YouTube video ads or pre-rolls, that hold viewer attention & boost brand recall.

Unquestionable Google Analytics Setup

Google Analytics set-up perfectly to capture all your website traffic and e-commerce sales.

Unerring Google My Business Optimization

Bringing you more visibility by showing your business up in Google’s Local Pack.


We will help you stand out from your competition with disruptive, absurd, and sometimes borderline insulting ideas that work 96% of the time.


You’ll explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilisations. To boldly go where no brand has gone before!
(Our copywriter had a brain fart!)


We help traditional businesses think unconventionally, and to stop them from drowning in the sea of sameness.


We are always awake and ready to help. Your business never sleeps. We suffer from insomnia. Win-win.

We are the UnAgency

Like any good story, ours begins with a tragedy as well. We came together after our own agencies failed to deliver the results they promised us. After burning a hole in our pockets and becoming a pain in our ass, we decided to take a new approach, which not only revived our businesses but also gave us a new, undiscovered power.

UnCanvas was created to meet entrepreneurs’ challenges and to blow a second wind in their sales. You are a master in your field, and you excel at what you are doing, yet you can’t find the right rhythm to be the best on the market. It’s hard, we know. There are thousands of factors to slow you down like lack of resources, tools, team, and – most often – time.

This is where we come in. We do the heavy lifting for you up until our rectum is about to blow. We have your back, as a real partner would, and we are committed to eat our hat if we don’t.

Your Secrets Are SAFE WITH US

We are your partners, and partners don’t spill the beans.

We are fully transparent. We don’t keep any secrets from you. From the development, through the design and media to our influencer contacts (unless they have specifically requested it), you will know everything.

We will need the same courtesy. We will need to know all there is to know about your business. Don’t worry. What you share with us will remain between us as if it happened in Vegas.

Your secrets are safe even if we got tortured. Unless we get tickled. Then all bets are off. We are very ticklish.


We are not perfect, and despite some God complex issues, we are fairly certain we are not Gods. We do make mistakes. These are usually on Tuesday afternoons and Saturday nights. More importantly, we are good at learning from our mistakes, We can never make the same mistake twice. We are not Gods. We have our fair share of failures over 3 decades, and you get the benefit —you lucky bastard. We have experts ranging from Developers, Designers, Specialists, and crazy people working even crazier hours to make your business a success. We are not Gods. Each and every one of them plays a vital role in your success, and we’re all here to provide you with our expertise. We are not Gods. Don’t forget, though, we are all human. We are not Gods. We can’t unbreak what we broke and we haven’t invented the time machine. And we are not Gods. We do our best to fix what we messed up. What we are asking in return is when a conflict arises, provide commentary as you would one-on-one with your partner. Be kind. Be fair. Don’t intimidate. Though we are not Gods, we will will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy our brothers and sisters… Alright, we get carried away at times. In short – good results don’t happen guns pointed to our heads. Did we mention that we are humans and not Gods?

We Help Your Business


We choose the companies that we want to work with based on the people that stand behind them.

You have passion. Your business needs purpose. Finding it is no easy matter. We search for it but only a few find it. We have learned from over 2 decades of experience that businesses with a purpose have a far greater and faster chance of success than those who just want us to make them money.

If you just want us to make you money, we are not the right partners for you. Don’t have a purpose? We will help you find it. Have a purpose? We will help you achieve it. 

Businesses We Continue To Grow

Here are a few of the businesses we work with

Muskoka Highlands

A Community Golf Course in Muskoka, Ontario

Fisher Comic

Philip Street, A Canadian Cartoonist

Velago Patio Furniture

An online discount Patio Furniture Business in Toronto

Ask the Guru

An award winning home renovation company in Toronto


We love to work with entrepreneurs who love their businesses. Our success comes from making you successful. Connect with us on social.

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